About us

Welcome to overDose

In real life, overdose could mean the end, but here, overDose means to continue and thrive.

It’s a 10+years story, started back in [oT] overTurned, and there where we’ve first seen that CS 1.6 was still alive.

[oT] was the first community that we had the opportunity to became part of, and there where we learned about the BF2 mode
and met the wonderful people that will carry us next to [iR] international-Revolution and build the most organized and professional
Counter Strike community that was, back in the day.

[iR] was built on fairness, friendships, and joy, those things would never fail you, would they?
And we learned a huge deal from you guys, how to make it feel like home, how to maintain friendship and professionalism,
and how to build things from scratch and believe in each other.

But in this world, we don’t always get what we wish for, maybe it’s a universal rule that what rises must fall one day,
and that might sound sad, but seems like that’s what make the wheel move forward!, a point on top should fall down to go up again,
you can’t have a static point and move at the same time, but you sure need to learn how to rise again, and that’s what we call a new3ra.

[n3] new3ra, was indeed a new era, the era of collaboration and reaching out to more interesting players and individuals from around the globe,
about 10 years of experience have been put into a big challenge, to gather the pieces and to rise again, and you guys were up for the challenge,
and you made it work.

And here we are today, in [oD] overDose-cs we believe that we have the necessary elements to succeed,
we’ve got the place, the assets, the experience, the motive, and most importantly, we have your support,
which is the key element behind our strength to overcome the upcoming challenges.

Together We Rise Again.

[oD] Team,

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