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What's New?!!

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Post by OverDose »

:greetings-clappingyellow: What's New!! :greetings-clappingyellow:

Our latest updates on server!:

▫️ Removal of the double jump (due to players suggestion)

▫️ Implementing the 16000 cash again

▫️ Introducing the VIP mode by reaching 500 kills :violence-rambo:

On behalf of the oD community we want to thank all the @oD-Members,
And oD-Staff @Leaders @Staff @Admins for all the work and support in keeping the server grow!<3

Have fun playing in the server

and please come with your suggestions here in our forum and our DC #suggestions channel to make your game experience better!
We also welcome your critic if there is something you think is wrong in server or in the community! 💪

Have a nice day and we will see each other in server!

[oD] Team

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Re: What's New?!!

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Post by botZ »

We need a Dust2 only server, people are crazy about that map from what I see. People usually join servers that have maps that they like when searching and if they find a server with random maps that they don't know, they may not choose to connect even though Mirage, Nuke, Inferno and Aztec are known maps if you put a votemap with them all together we know that dust2 will always come out.
Obviously it is a suggestion, I know it is not something that is easy to test, but if you ever have a way to open a server and try it for a few weeks to see if there is more player movement, I would love it.
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Re: What's New?!!

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Post by 13a10D »

I agree with you, Dust2 is the most attractive map for most players and Dust2 servers are mostly full. We are planning something soon and hoping that things will change to a better activity if not we will think about dust2 only maybe as a second server and keep the current one as it is. Thanks for the suggestion :D

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